Lowertown Blues & Funk Fest 2018 Lowertown Blues Festival

Review by John Hammer from Blue Monday Monthly

Lowertown Blues & Funk Fest was the next stop on my calendar. Blue Monday Monthly has been a proud sponsor since the beginning of this 5 yr old event. Held in Mears Park in Lowertown (St. Paul), it is FREE for the patrons, and a premier spot to catch a GREAT line up. Friday night was Funk Night featuring Free & Easy, High & Mighty, and the legendary Ohio Players. Although they had light showers, the show went on and folks witnessed an amazing funkified treat!

Saturday was Blues Day, and the weather was spot on GORGEOUS! Kickin' it off was the winner of Famous Dave's Battle of the Bands, the Mae Simpson Band fronted by the talented Amber Simpson. Keep an eye out for these youngsters!

Next was the return to performing (after emergency neck surgery just a bit over a month ago) was my Brother From An-other Mother, Scottie Miller. It was a miracle witnessed by all in attendance, as Scottie over-came numbness and paralysis in his right arm to totally blow us all away! He featured some new material he wrote while rehabbing, as well as beloved Scottie original 'standards' we all carry in our hearts. It was truly magnificent!

Following Scottie and the boys, Crow, (celebrating 50 years of performing!), took the park by storm. There is no dust on this group. They ran thru their song-book providing a show that seemed totally ageless.

Toronzo Cannon, the Chi-Town Blues Slingin' Bus Driver tore the place up! His brand fresh take on the Chicago Blues Sound is spellbind-ing! Catch him when he comes to a spot near you; you will not regret it! Sadly, my travel partner needed to leave, so I missed Chubby Carrier and headliner Marcia Ball. You can be sure they were 'not to be missed shows' that 1 ...missed.

Will re-iterate: Lowertown Funk 81 Blues Fest is probably the BEST one and a half day FREE Fest you will find 'round these parts. Successful because of the hard work of 'Tiny' Rogers , John Bennet and volunteers, as well as the great sponsors and fan support; you can count on this one to be there for ya next year!


A big thanks to all of our photographers who contribute to our fest, it is greatly appreciated!

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